ICNI-III hosts the satellite IUPAC Workshop entitled “Interactions wherein p and d block elements act as electrophiles” – Friday 21st, June 2024.

Investigations on the interactions wherein elements of the p and d blocks of the Periodic Table function as the electrophilic sites are flourishing.  The IUPAC Projects entitled “Categorizing Chalcogen, Pnictogen, and Tetrel Bonds, and Other Interactions Involving Groups 14-16 Elements” and “Categorizing Interactions Involving Group 11 Elements” aim at identifying and conveniently classifying the interactional landscape of the elements of the respective Groups.  The former Project already issued the “IUPAC Definition of the Chalcogen Bond” (Pure Appl. Chem. 2019, 91, 1889-1892) and the “IUPAC Definition of the Pnictogen Bond” (Pure Appl. Chem. 2024, 96, 135-145).

The International Workshop entitled “Interactions wherein p and d block elements act as electrophiles” Belgrade, 21st June 2024 is organized as a joint event of the two Projects and aims at involving some of the main players in the field and promote discussion and consensus on relevant topics.  This IUPAC Workshop is a satellite event of ICNI-III, the International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions (17th – 21st June 2024, Belgrade, Serbia).

Prof. Giuseppe Resnati, chairman of the IUPAC Workshop “Interactions wherein p and d block elements act as electrophiles”.  For further information: Dr. Kamran T. Mahmudov (e-mail: mahmudov.kt@gmail.com).

Confirmed speakers on Friday June 21st 2024:

Bartashevich Ekaterina V. - University of South Ural, Russia 

Bryce David - University of Ottawa, Canada

Cozzolino Antony F. - Texas Technical University, USA

Espinosa Enrique - University of Lorraine, France

Fourmigue Marc - University of Rennes, France

Katrusiak Andrzej - University Adama Mickiewicza, Poland

Guselnikova Olga - CEST, Austria

Rosokha Sergiy - Ball State University, USA

Terraneo Giancarlo - Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Tupikina Elena - University of St. Petersburg, Russia